Chain Tension Load Monitoring. Ex Air Driven Winch


Euroload Limited were given the project to monitor the load on four    J D Neuhaus Ex air Driven Hoist`s (JDN EH50) BOP Handling System. The project was for Maersk Gallant Rig. The hoist`s were back to J D Neuhaus Aberdeen for the 5-year overhaul. The existing load cell had been damaged and was in poor condition. All the M12 connectors on the cells had been ripped of and corroded. The existing system was difficult to use as you had to connect cables to each cell and run these cables back to individual readouts.


 We offered the client a different solution. A telemetry system with a heavy-duty load cell, fixed cabling to removable transmitter. Simple handset mounted on the pendant.


 The cell had to sit in the chain link (23.5 x 66mm)in a secure area under the winch. We are monitoring the dead end in a four-fall configuration. We designed a load pin within a yolk assembly certified to ATEX/IECEx regulations. The load signal is transmitted via Mantracourt` s excellent X24 zone 1 transmitter. We have mounted this X24 transmitter inside a wall mount housing allowing the easy removal of the X24 to change the battery's in the safe area.


 The load signal is transmitted to the X24-HD handset. The handset has been mounted onto the hoist pendant via a leather protective cover.


 The customer feedback has been so positive regarding the engineering solution, neatness, certification/paperwork package and simplicity of the system. Delivered on time within 5 weeks of order.


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