New 2019 Sub-sea Load Shackle for Mooring Line Data logging


Euroload Limited supply a range of subsea load monitoring shackles with built in datalogging for the monitoring of subsea Mooring lines. The datalogger can be set to record continuous or on events or triggers.

For Mooring lines we recommend setting the event to 80% of the line SWL, any value above this preset will be recorded at preset intervals. Can last years remotely depending on logging requirements, up to 5 years at 1 minute continues update.

The data is removed and analyzed when the mooring line is removed from hire/service. This gives the customer a 100% record of any events occurring to the mooring line during deployment. For quality control you can guarantee the lines have never been overloaded or have been overloaded and can be removed from service reducing the risk of incidents.

There is no restriction on the size or style of shackle we can fit this datalogging package to. We can use any manufacture of bow of your choice. Euroload manufacture a new fully stainless-steel load pin which is rated to 3000 meters water depth. 

For any mooring line direct or remote load monitoring, contact our technical team to discuss all options. 


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