NEW 2019 Bluetooth ECO Shackles


Euroload Limited have added Bluetooth to there popular range of Eco (economically priced) shackles. With all the benefits of a high quality, IP66, highly accurate,  proven design we now offer Bluetooth as a output.


   The ELB24-SSB is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) load cell transmitter that provides access to a high quality measurements on a mobile platform such as phone or tablet.


  The link delivery mechanism is BLE which utilizes the flexibility and availability of Bluetooth receivers while maintaining the low power requirements of a embedded system.


 ELB24-SSB is built upon two complimentary principles of BLE , broadcast advertising data which enables users to deliver the same data to multiple receivers simultaneously and low power paired connections which can be used in a point to point system.


 A free iOS and Android app is available to download, which enables users to create dashboards with varying degree of detail based on application requirement. It enables ELTB24 systems to be visualized on phones and tablets by using digital displays, gauges, tanks and charts. Data can be presented as mathematical expressions made up of readings of different transmitters and constants. The app also facilitates ELB24 module configuration and calibration.


 For more info see our ELB24-BSS datasheet.


Bluetooth is available on all sizes of existing ECO Shackles from 6.5 to 35 tonne  Larger shackles on request.


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