1250 Te Sling Saver Load Monitoring Shackle


Euroload Limited have supplied a load monitoring pin to our exclusive Dutch agent Eurorope Nederland BV for there Van Beest 1250 Tonne sling saver shackle. Euroload replaced the existing pin with our fully stainless steel load pin, down hole dual strain gauged, IP67,  telemetry and cabled output, heavy duty electronic housing, screw off battery cover .


 Eurorope BV can hire the shackle as a standard shackle or offer the option of supplying the second pin to perform load monitoring on crucial lifts. As with all Euroload` s telemetry and cabled products, data logging and a verity of output's/displays are available on request.


 On big load monitoring products like this we always recommend dual outputs. This gives you 100% redundancy. Telemetry signals can not be guaranteed 100% due to interference and environmental conditions. Having a second independent set of strain gauges, output via a subconn connector, subsea spec cable c/w molded mating subconn connector and ELC01 cabled remote readout gives confidence once the shackle is rigged up you will be able to perform the test.

 Both outputs are independently calibrated.

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