Zone 2 Cabled Running Line Monitor.

The Euroload cable based running line monitor is suitable for reading load and pay-out within zone 2 enviroment.

The system comprises, 1 off running line monitor to suit your rope diameter c/w zone rated IP67 Euroload ATEX/IEC approved load pin with in head 4-20ma amplifier, 2 off IP67 NUMAR proximity sensors, 10 meters of detachable cable back to 2 off BEKA zone 1 indicators reading load and pay-out, 10 meters of detachabe cable back to the safe area power supply, 1 off safe area power supply housing all galvanic isolators, 110VAC power input required in safe area. Cables can be made to any lenght to suit your application.

Various mounting options are available for the running line monitor. For options and RLM sizes please see Euroload`s RLM specification literature.


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