Complete Mud Plant Level Monitoring

At Euroload Limited we can supply complete mud plant level monitoring systems. We use TDR radar level sensors to measure the level of the mud. These sensors are fed back to a control panel which shows the value and also has various alarm options including visual/audible and complete shut down.

We take a signal from the control panel into a ABB SM 3000 video graphic recorder. This recorder records and stores all movement of material. The recorder can be viewed anywhere via the eithernet connection. The recorder can also send alarm conditions via e-mail and texts.  

Euroload can offer the whole package from specification, manufacture and installation of the complete system.

We have a proven track record going back 20 years supplying systems for both Hazardous and non hazardous areas.

Send us in the details of your plant and we will provide a indepth proposal to suit our requirements.


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