Large Load Shackles 500 tonne and above

Euroload limited has developed a new range off large load shackles. Sizes from 500 to 2000 tonne. Based on the Van Beest P-6036 Heavy Duty Shackles.

Pin can be steel or fully stainless steel, Down hole strain gauged, Dual strain bridge, dual output both telemetry and cabled, screw off battery cover, stainless steel end cover, IP67 ingress protection.

Supplied c/w cabled remote readout and X meters of cable, Telemetry receiver handset and USB dongle and datalogging software. Bespoke electronic packages available.

Minimum 200 meter transition range as standard. Can be extended using radio repeaters.

Subsea version of Van Beest P-6036 load monitoring shackle available on request.

Call to discuss any application for a detailed quotation. 

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