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About us

Euroload Limited opened in April 2014 to supply high quality load instrumentation for the harshest of environments.

Our Managing Director Mark Jones has over 30 years’ experience working with and designing load instrumentation for the Oil and Gas sector.

Euroload is an independent company owned and ran by our employees. All products are designed and manufactured in house in our purpose built workshops.

Euroload have recently become the exclusive distributor for Hycontrol Limited in Scotland. Hycontrol specialise in level monitoring and safety systems for silo storage facilities. This complements Euroloads existing silo weighing department. No matter what the contents or shape of silo Euroload can either weight the contents or fit Hycontrols range of level monitoring transducers to read and control the contents.

Hycontrols also supply the only silo protection system for auto-shutoff of non-pressurised silos during filling to meet MPA guidelines. This system protects the silo from over-pressurisation during filling and shuts off the fill line if pressure is detected. The system is self-checking from ground level.

Picture of Euroload office

Global company

Euroload Limited has set up a distributer network worldwide to assist our customers wherever our equipment is being used.

All our agents have fully qualified staff able to assist in the supply/repair and recertification of all Euroload products.

We have staff available to travel to any part of the globe to work on load monitoring equipment.

A full list of our agents can be found here.

Quality and reliability

Euroload Limited opened on the April 1, 2014 and imposed the strictest of quality control on ourselves from day one.

We have in place our QMS system which we have been working to from job number one. We achieved full ISO 9001 within 8 months of opening. We are certified for the manufacture of load instrumentation from design, verification, production and certification.

Our new product range has been designed for the harshest of environment’s and put through rigorous testing prior to release to the market place. Our standard design of telemetry load link was tested to 14 meters’ water depth before water ingress was detected. Our standard designed load pins are minimum IP67 and our subsea load pins are second to none in quality and reliability. We expect our products to work every time you switch them on and always last for the duration of the test.

For critical applications we build in redundancy as standard.

At the forefront of innovation

At Euroload Limited we strive to use the latest in technology to provide the most up to date product for the application.

Customer driven to see what is possible/practical for the individual application.

Our new product range has been designed by listening to our customers’ needs and delivering this in a cost effective, safe, reliable product.

We use the highest specification aircraft grade aluminium on all our standard load link products to achieve consistency and reliability you can count on.

We hold all material certificates for each batch of standard load links and identify these to the individual serial numbers on our load links.

Our Products

Image for Telemetry Load Links product

Telemetry Load Links

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Image for Telemetry Load Shackles product

Telemetry Load Shackles

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Image for Totaliser Display Panel product

Totaliser Display Panel

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Image for Compression Load Cell product

Compression Load Cell

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Image for Bespoke Load Pins product

Bespoke Load Pins

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Image for Running Line Monitor product

Running Line Monitor

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Image for Cabled Load Link product

Cabled Load Link

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Image for Sub sea load pins. product

Sub sea load pins.

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Image for Overhead Gantry crane load system. product

Overhead Gantry crane load system.

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Image for Sub sea compression cells. product

Sub sea compression cells.

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Image for Shear beam load cells. product

Shear beam load cells.

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Image for Silo Mount Compression Cells product

Silo Mount Compression Cells

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Image for Large Load Shackles 500 tonne and above product

Large Load Shackles 500 tonne and above

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Image for Complete Mud Plant Level Monitoring product

Complete Mud Plant Level Monitoring

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Image for RLM Display Panel Stainless steel product

RLM Display Panel Stainless steel

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Image for Large Capacity Load Links product

Large Capacity Load Links

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Image for Telemetry Conversion Kit product

Telemetry Conversion Kit

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Image for Silo Contents Monitoring product

Silo Contents Monitoring

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